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Category – Article…………: 29245
Category – Blog Comment…….: 184349
Category – Directory……….: 303
Category – Document Sharing…: 5
Category – Exploit…………: 1848
Category – Forum…………..: 4160
Category – Guestbook……….: 3996
Category – Image Comment……: 3613
Category – Indexer…………: 44541
Category – Microblog……….: 38
Category – Pingback………..: 1264
Category – Referrer………..: 29
Category – RSS…………….: 4
Category – Social Bookmark….: 46
Category – Social Network…..: 2956
Category – Trackback……….: 9141
Category – Unknown…………: 2
Category – URL Shortener……: 6638
Category – Video…………..: 1572
Category – Web 2.0…………: 49
Category – Wiki……………: 684
Total…………………….: 294484

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Dear Fellow SEOers
Everyone knows SEO best practices change constantly. But one thing is certain … Building high-value backlinks is still a crucial component of a successful SEO strategy. This is true even now in 2018.

If you’re experienced with SEO, then you probably already know that link-building doesn’t have to be labor-intensive.

Auto Accept lists make your job 100x easier by giving you access to URLs that approve your links instantly:

No waiting
No link moderation
No wasted time
That means you can effectively add backlinks to a wide variety of sites and platforms. Plus, by using automated tools like GSA SER, you can do it all automatically.

The question is … where do you get an ongoing supply of fresh auto-approve lists without spending hours a day doing it yourself?

Updated 1/3/2018

An Authority on Automation Programs
Hey, everyone – I’m Matt, aka loopline.

Many of you may know me as the authority on Scrapebox, because I know this program inside and out. And I instruct others on how to use it and how to get the best results from it.

I also have come to a superb understanding of the inner workings of GSA SER, and now am able to provide lists, tips and resources for GSA SER.

Over the years, I’ve tested several auto-link building systems and, in my opinion, GSA SER is highly versatile and powerful. But here’s the thing … SER’s ability to rank you higher is only as good as the auto-approve lists you load into it.

That’s where I can help you…

I go to great lengths to generate the freshest, most diverse and authoritative auto approve lists … week after week.
I know these lists are solid because I use them myself – for my own sites and my clients’. I build them. I filter them. I update them constantly. I’m hands-on with them, almost every day.
To ensure the greatest results for online marketers like yourself, I offer a variety of platforms, and I release new lists 3 times per month.

Here’s what you get …

Fully Updated Fresh Auto-Approve / Verified Lists
Blue Box Real Time Sync
Blue Box is my custom solution that is the first of its kind for GSA SER lists or Auto Approve lists of any kind for any program. With Blue Box sync every new auto approve target that I acquire is auto synced into your copy of GSA SER in real time as I build it.

No more waiting days or weeks for a new list release. No more remembering to login and download the new list. No more having to go to each project and import it or wait for it to sort into your global lists. Best of all no more Hassle.

All you have to do is set it up the first time. Once Blue Box is integrated with your copy of GSA SER, you don’t have to mess with it again. Simply build your campaigns like normal, set the filters you want and SER will auto build links to existing and new campaigns using my auto approve lists

Only works with GSA Search Engine Ranker
Full Database of Targets
New Targets Added in Real Time
No Hassles / Fully Automatic
Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Important Note: Blue Box requires use of one of your global folders. Meaning in order to use Blue Box you will not be able to use all 4 global folders, you can only use 3 of them (most people only use 1 anyway). You may choose which folder Blue Box uses. Full instructions are given for setup and use of Blue Box in the members area.

All urls are auto approve (auto approve, auto-approve, auto accept and verified lists are all the same term and mean the same thing. So when you hear these terms, this is what you are getting), no waiting for a moderator to approve your links. All you have to do is load them GSA SER and it will do the rest. (unless you are using Blue Box, then they are auto loaded for you) This saves you from having to do all of the following:

Source working proxies for scraping
Scrape targets
Post to them
Check Verification emails
Verify found links

reCAPTCHA and Text Capthca Verified List

You also have access to a powerful list that is verified targets but that does require a 3rd party reCAPTCHA and/or Text Captcha solving service. These are harder to get targets, but that means less chance of spam and typically better quality! Members get access to this list at NO additional cost.

reCAPTHCA and Text Captcha Verified List

Most lists you see out there are for Captcha Breaker only, which makes sense from a cost perspective. The main verified list is built with Captcha Breaker and is meant to be used with Captcha Breaker. However there are a lot of great targets that Captcha Breaker can’t solve. Members asked for more, so I delivered.

This list does require captcha solving outside of Captcha Breaker, but there are multiple reCAPTCHA and Text Captcha solving services that solve unlimited captchas for a fixed monthly cost. See the resources section for recommendations.

Why would I want to use reCAPTCHA or Text Captcha solving when I have GSA Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper?

GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper are great, but they don’t solve reCAPTCHA well or Text Captchas. Which means that the majority of people out there aren’t hitting these quality targets. So this is a relatively easy win because you can get links on targets that fewer people are getting links on.

I do all the heavy lifting plowing thru targets, solving the hard captchas and checking if links stick or not. You only get the domains that I was able to solve the captcha on with a 3rd party fixed monthly cost captcha service and that the link was verified on. This is a smaller list, but a quality list.

Diverse Platforms/CMS
You get Auto Approve URLs from these platforms:

Article Platforms
Blog Comments
Image Comments
Social Bookmarks
Social Networks
Urls Shortners
Web 2.0

Including these CMS: